Build your own haul system

What goes into a good haul system you ask? The rope, the more static the rope is the better. Edelrid's Rap Line and Petzl's Rad Line are great, ultra light weight options. Static > semi-static > dynamic. A simple system; people often confuse redirects with increased MA. That 27:1 may look cool but in the real world it probably isn't any more efficient than a 6:1. And who carries that much rope? If you you only have one pulley, place it as far away from the load as possible. Lastly, knowing how to use what you have on hand. Alpine Savvy is a great resource for learning about mechanical advantage and setups.

This kit will work on ropes from 6mm to 11mm. These kits are NOT designed for industrial or professional rescue work.

You may need additional equipment. This is not a recommendation! I am sharing my opinions, which might be wrong. Remember, buying equipment does not equal knowing how to use it.