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SKU: BD8018691006XS_1

Crack Gloves - BLACK DIAMOND

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We set out with one goal: to create the best fitting, highest performance crack gloves on the market. And now, we’re proud to introduce our very own Black Diamond Crack Gloves. Utilizing 3D patterning that gives an articulated fit and featuring a synthetic Suede for maximum abrasion resistance and breathability, the BD Crack Gloves are swanky.

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The 0.6mm rubber adhesive film is set into a molded depression making a seamless surface transition from suede to rubber—resulting in the overall glove thickness of less than 1mm and which provides the perfect balance of protection, dexterity, and grip. The Hypalon strap provides a thin, low-profile closure that’s strong and secure for jamming, and the flat-stitched patterning reduces bulk and increases comfort. The BD Crack Gloves’ white color reduces heat uptake during mega pitches in the desert sun, and also mimic the classic tape glove construction for superior fit.

Synthetic suede for maximum abrasion resistance and breathability

3D patterning gives an articulated fit

Rubber adhesive film

0.6mm thickness for balance of protection, dexterity, and grip

Hypalon strap for a thin, low profile strong closure

Flat stitched patterning to reduce bulk and increase comfort

White color to reduce heat uptake in the desert sun

Available in five sizes