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SKU: TY4102-1

D12 (SK78) 2.5mm-15mm Dyneema - MARLOW

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Manufactured using Dyneema’s SK78 fiber, D12 78 sets the standard for high performance lightweight ropes and cores. D12 can be used for strops, lashings, purchase systems, backstays and some halyards. With a cover, D12 is ideal for sheets halyards and runners.

We stock 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm in BLACK and 5mm in Red. You can order those by the meter.

These items take an extra 2 days to ship: 2.5mm - 6mm is available it black, white and red, in 100m or 200m spools. 7mm-10mm in black is available only in 200m spools.

These items ship from Marlow’s factory in Europe, and have a lead time of up to 5 weeks. 11mm - 15mm in black 200m spools, and beige, pink, green, blue, lime green and grey in 100m or 200m spools.

Send me an email if you want a custom order:

Length & Color:
Black 1m
Black 100m
Black 200m
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